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One Million people have fled Ukraine

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Over a million people from Ukraine have fled the country into neighboring countries including Poland. The UN has condemned Russia’s invasion by an overwhelming majority vote, but due to Russia’s statues as a world superpower it is impossible to confront the titan front-on-front it will be equal with fighting the United States in Canada-U. S border of U.S-Mexico border, it will be impossible: the same applies for Russia. Making any UN resolutions only economic and diplomatic sanctions or resolutions not military. Eritrea, North Korea, Belarus, Syria and Russia itself have voted against the UN general assembly resolution, all dictators countries. Eritrea ruled by one person for decades without being a monarch, who is named Isaias Afwerki which means when translated to English, Isaiah Golden-mouth, and other countries we now are dictator. Nonetheless Russia couldn’t tolerate the west’s NATO expansion and that posing as a security treat gave Russia the reason to declare war against Ukraine. But the invasion of a sovereign country to this extent and not a strong warning may have played an overreacted response.

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