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Outcry as PRIME MINISTER Abiy Ahmed frees mass rapist murder and former member of the biggest terrorist organization in East Africa and also the innocent as a Christmas gift.

The Prime Minister of Ethiopia arrested many influential members including terrorists and non-terrorists which have done no wrong. Let us talk about who the P freed and why it’s causing the PM supporters to attack the PM. Abiy Ahmed in the begging of the Tigray War with the help of the Republican Guards arrested Sebhat Nega or known as and called Aboy Sebhat. This person is a very dangerous person or was one if you see his personal records, he has been a rapist of two women and after finding out both these women were pregnant: he killed them meaning 2 children inside the womb who are his and two women who he had raped he killed with bloodshed. Now let’s get into his famous parts or his directorship. In Over thousands of years Ethiopia was controlled by a constitutional democratic imperial republic which the emperor ruled but not with an iron fist but was a constitution which he created to forward Ethiopia into a democratic society which he did his Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I was one of the founding members of the League of Nations and the UN, and also the 8th person to be awarded the Time Person of the Year due to his outspoken speech condemning the fascist regime in Italy who invaded his country at the time by dictator Benito Mussolini. He was also created the Ethiopian bome economy and many civilized methods for his people. But as it goes the good people get the worst treatment by their people it’s been seen time over time. The people of Ethiopia called the Emperor a dictator and that he should die his own military decided to overthrow him seeing what is happing in the country then started a communist failed state. From 1975 the monarchy was abolished and from 16 years the Junta government ruled the country into the pit at Addis. And the TPLF at that time a rebel group sought arms to fight against this government after 16 years of none stop war the TPLF won with suspected helps of foreign governments in earl 90’s about the time the Soviets stopped helping the Derg due to internal problems and its future collapse. The TPLF was well loved in the begging with some hatred also, but the TPLF came a lot worse than the Derg, over the time 1991 to 2018 the TPLF stole 50 billion worth of aid which could build a new Dubai in Ethiopia. This Sebhat Nega was the leader of that organization he now is over 84 years old and was an old man even when the TPLF just rose to power. The PM is being criticized from allowing such a person to remain free due to as the PM says we have to have mercy. People have said justice is first, and the government is not to give mercy but uphold the law first. The other people whom the PM set free are Jawar Mohammed and person who says the Oromo people which are the largest group in Ethiopia to separate from the country his forefathers in the Oromo people fought against which is a dishonorable person. Another is Eskinder Nega which as mentioned this is one of the people who did whatsoever none in wrongdoing he was arrested because he wanted a lawful a do ordered city administration in his own city Addis Ababa.


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