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Over 200 people dead, after attack by Oneg Shena an ethnic separatist group.

Over 200 people are suspected to have died by terror organization Oneg Shena. So how could it have happened and why wasn’t the government able to intervene with all the spy technologies from Israel, Russia and even American cooperation in counter terrorism?

This fundamental question seems to be that the government itself wants to allow the terror organization to be able to move free. So why and how will the government allow a terror group which itself passed legislation to label it a terror group due to activities in terrorism not be wanting to eliminate such a threat?

It comes down to the fact of Ethiopia’s history, lets summarize it with this chart.

47 years of Ethiopian History

Over the last years of FDRE the majority ethnic group called Oromo caused the overthrowal of the Tigray elites while still having the FDRE constitution, the new PM Abiy Ahmed an ethnic Oromo secretly supports Oromo separatist groups, and this includes the group which massacred over 200 people. The Gov even openly against the terror group secretly supports it.

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