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Pastor Artur Pawlowski after sentenced to probation. Photo Credit: Rebel News.

Pastor denied Service by Canada Postal Mail Service

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Pastor Artur Pawlowski a Canadian pastor who grew up in Poland under the red iron of the Soviet Union was denied his mail. The Pastor was asked to be the only person to receive the mail , and the Postal Service which is owned by the Federal Government of Canada and no (Municiple or local authority) asked and ordered the Pastor to leave because he is trespassing. Canada post did not give a valid reason for why he needed to leave. Under Canadian Federal law discriminating against a person is a crime. The Pastor also said that they cannot trespass him because of him not wearing a mask because he has a federal approved exemption which is allowed by Federal law meaning it would be illegal and prosecutable if the only reason for trespass or one of the reasons of trespass issued. Meaning the manager at Canada post site cannot trespass him by that.

The Pastor said he will sue the Canada Postal site for the trespass issued. Police were called and an officer said he would bring the Pastors mail for him from Canada Post, but the Pastor did not like it because they didn’t allow him in. The officer also said that the mangers have the right to discriminate and trespass anyone however they want which it in itself is illegal by federal or a law in Canada and the Municiple area.

The Pastor was punished by a Judge for speaking about Canada and the Judge ordered the Pastor not to make any public statement about COVID that the public health of Canada does not allow Artur later appealed to the Court of Appeals which suspended Alberta Judges ordered. It was reported that the Alberta Court of Appeals immediately suspended the most restrictive parts of Judge Germain’s ordered which ordered Pawlowski to not move outside of Alberta and not speak against the Governments Public Health services and their opinions. Before the Judge’s order the Pastor was also arrested on Arrival by plane to Canada.

Artur Pawlowski also has been arrested with his brother on the highway by Canadian police for which Artur calls false arrests and lawsuits.

Artur Pawlowski

Artur Pawlowski was also fined by Candian detectives for not wearing a mask. He says it’s been tens of times that they’ve did this. There are issues with this due to his publicly known mask exemptions. Police cannot issue false tickets which they already know to be based on false grounds.

This Article will be updated when the lawsuit is official known.

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