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Pentagon: furious with Ukraine intel leaked documents, seeking to find individual(s) who leaked it, public Zelensky and officials not pleased

The Pentagon is not happy and in fact furious with the leaked documents which suggest the U.S was spying on high Ukrainian officials including President Zelensky. The documents also revealed that the U.S had more intelligence concerning their Russian counter parts than they had with one of their closest allies: Ukraine. As the news came out, people were concerned due to the fact Ukraine was weary sharing intelligence with the U.S to the point they (United States Government) had more information through spying than they had with Ukraine with cooperation.

The documents in itself are not recent, but nonetheless they do give a picture to what at that moment had occurred in the international crisis which is still ongoing. This also not only tells us about the U.S but also South Korea, as South Korean counter parts did not want to sell weapons to the U.S which would or could end up to Ukraine according to the concerns and fears of the South Korean officials in Seoul.

National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communication former Naval Rear Admiral John Kirby can be heard saying and warning Journalists to not report about the Pentagon leaked documents.

“This is information that has no business in the public domain”

John Kirby

Russian media were also outraged with the fact that U.S intelligence was able to “penetrate” deep inside classified Russian military information which only top and reserved for officials and members of the Russian government and Kremlin should know of.

The New York Times source has still yet to be exposed by the U.S DoD and DoJ occurring investigations.

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