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President Zelensky visits War-torn Kharkiv in a trip outside of Kyiv area

Ukrainian President Zelensky has gone outside of Kyiv the national capital of Ukraine to visit the war-torn area of Kharkiv. The treat to the President’s lives are growing due to the war in Ukraine and thus trips to places to the east seem dangerous and the trip to Kharkiv definitely assesses that the war slightly may be safer and to the side of Ukraine but still the war on the East of Ukraine is far from over.

Sources have said that the Government of Ukraine if it can destroy the bridge connecting Crimea to Russia that they would do so.

Ukrainian President Zelensky greeting Soldiers

Currently supplies are going from the West of Ukraine which is not touched by war to the center of Ukraine to strengthen the capabilities of Ukraine to be able to go more east and recover areas lost by the Russian armed forces.

Meanwhile the Russian ambassador to the United Kingdom has said that Russia will use nuclear weapons only if it is faced with a serious treat, and that it will not use nuclear weapons on Ukraine due to the non-substantiated treat from Ukraine towards Russia.

The Ambassador said, “It has nothing to do with the current operation,” while asked about the use of nuclear bombs against Ukraine in its current conflict.

The U.S currently has passed a 40-billion-dollar bill which will help Ukraine in its military gains, but the weaponry is set to be built and made for the country and go through its western path to enter into the center of the country.

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