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Prince Andrew the Duke of York pictured with Virgnia Giuffre, at Ghislaine Maxwell's townhouse in London in 2001.

Prince Andrew waiting until New York judge makes decision whether or not they have jurisdiction

Prince Andrew the Duke of York who is the 9th in line to the throne and the second in line at birth has been accused of raping and forcing Virginia Giuffre to have sex with Mutiple times. The duke dismissed those claims in an interview and never revoked his innocence. Virginia Giuffre has said through Jeffrey Epstein had given her to have sex with Prince Andrew and other wealthy individuals.

Prince Andrew the Duke of York

One of the Prince’s lawyers said, ‘Prince Andrew should not be dragged into this court 20 years after.’ He said: ‘Witnesses die, witnesses may be incarcerated.’ The lawyers of the Prince also said

Continuing his arguments, the Duke’s lawyer told Judge Kaplan: ‘We don’t know what the conduct was.’ The judge replied: ‘Involuntary sexual intercourse. There’s no doubt what that means.’ “Concluding his arguments, Mr Brettler said the case against his client filed by Ms Giuffre should ‘absolutely be dismissed’.

Prince Andrew walking with Jeffery Epstein in New York Central Park.

On a 2019 interview with BBC the prince said that he has a rare medical condition which makes him not sweat after the BBC host said that Virginia Giuffre claimed to see the duke dancing will sweating extremely.

2019 Interview with BBC News
Convicted sec trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell in court

What makes this case complicated is if the prince is found guilty it is virtually impossible for him to be brought to the U.S and imprisoned. He not only is a duke but a prince the 2nd eldest son of the Queen who is the Queen of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealths including Canada a NATO member and a country which shares largest border of any country in the world. This makes it incredibly difficult for punishments to be brought. He also at that time was working for the Crown and thus has crown immunity also making him immune to lawsuits in a degree. He also has possible protection by the Queen as the Queen is justice itself in the UK meaning no UK government institute will force the prince to go to the court of serve any jail time.

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