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Republican Guard

The Republican Guard is a military unit tasked with protecting the Prime Minister, First Lady, Deputy Prime Minister, the President, the Ethiopian Ministers, Generals in the Ethiopian Armed forces which include Airforce, Army, and Navy. The RG (Republican Guards) were formed after the bomb attack in Meskel Squared, Addis Ababa in June 23, 2018 which caused the death of two people. The Prime Minister was far from the attack and later FBI agents from the U.S were invited to investigate this foreign case. Later the FBI couldn’t find the root of the bomb attack and left for the U.S with no avail. The Prime Minister created the Republican Guard on December 23, 2018 after 7 months after the suspects in the attack were charged with terrorism. Even if the Guard are a military unit in the Ethiopian National Defense Force they are under the Office of The Prime Minister.

Special Airborne Republican Guard Counter Military Unit: Public Domain Photo internationally, and government published photo into the public for the people and public. Public domain.

Unit’s And There Task’s For Protectees

There are 4 main units inside the RG, Republican Guard: These units consist of these groups

No. 1 armed personal officers with the protectee

The Officers who are with the protectee are armed and do not wear any military or law enforcement tags or uniform they are the last line of defense for the protectee if any physical attack is threatening the Prime Minister, President or other high level protectee. They are usually armed with hidden guns and pistols in there suits, and some also have Israeli Tavor-21 AR Rifles.

Personal Republican Guard agents protecting First Lady and Prime Minister in election season, phot credit: AFP: This photo shows at the bottom right a RG agent holding Tavor-21 as mentioned some personal RG agents posse and wear. On the top left an agent using a technic to use hidden gun incase of need

No. 2 Counter Military Unit

The counter Military unit as describable by name are uniformed military RG law enforcement which protect high level Protectees while wearing body armor and are equipped with high powered snipers, and assaults rifles as Tavor-21 and the M-4. And Snipers that can destroy bullet proof glass and armor.

Uniformed Military Unit Republican Guard holding M-4 assault rifle image is in the Public domain internationally

No. 3 Military uniformed Republican Guard Special Force protecting strategic locations

There is another military uniformed republican guard unit which is almost the same as the Counter Military unit but they do not protect people but high risk and strategic areas in the country as the Grand Renascence Dam, Headquarters of Military importance and other strategic places inside of the country.

No. 4 Republican Guard Military Police

The Republican Guard Military Police are a military police inside the republican guard. They are the last option to fight of terrorists if the local or federal authorities could not accomplish their tasks and duties against the armed terrorists or militant forces against the government.

R.G Military Police: Image Public domain internationally


The Republican Guards used to train out of the country for 6 months but later inside the country for some time period . They must be able to use pistol AR-Rifles and snipers physically be fit, and quick in reaction compared to other law enforcement agencies in the country.

Sniper training

Educational Training

The Republican Guard students must graduate The National Intelligence and Security University College, which is administrated by NISS. This University which is operated by the National Intelligence and Security Service is meant to train them in their disciplinary duties, after they finish and complete their physical trainings in Ethiopia.

Insignia of National Intelligence and Security Service: Photo internationally is public domain and inside of the country is also in public domain
RG Forces graduating NIS University: Image Public Domain inside and outside Ethiopia
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