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Research finds roots to Ethiopian Jewish community from Ancient Jewish and Arab links

The Ethiopian Jewish community are a group of Ethiopian Jews linking their ancestry to the state of Israel. People link their ancestors to ancient Israel some even far as the tribe of Dan. So, what does the science say who the Ethiopian Jews living predominantly in Israel and some in the world are? Research have concluded that Ethiopian Jews have links to the ancient Jewish land of Israel. The Ethiopian Jewish claims seem to align with the Kebra Nagast or when translated to English the Honor of the Kings. The Kebra Negast which is a document from the Ethiopian Orthodox Church written in the 15th Centaury documents that the Emperors of Ethiopia descended from the Jewish King the son of David and Bathsheba king Solomon as an ancestor to Menelik the I whom is the ancestor of the Solomonic dynasty which ruled the country for about 2,500 years deducted the Zagwe dynasty whom they claim descended from Moses the biblical Prophet. Nonetheless it also documents the fact that thousands of servants went from Israel into modern day Ethiopia and not only King Solomons son Menelik the II, therefore it is de-facto concluded that at least hundreds or the majority of all the men or women if there be servants that went to Ethiopia married with the locals. Therefore, Jewish blood will be in fact in the current day Ethiopian Jewish population. In-fact teh Ethiopian groups called the Habesha which are in fact from the Ethnic groups of Oromo, Amhara, Tigray, Gurage, Sidama, Welayta, and this Habesha group technically has basically the same DNA more commonly the Amhara and Oromo and Tigray which the Ethiopian Jewish community.


Scientists from the University of Cambridge and other institutions have concluded that Ethiopians have ancestry from as far as Syria, Egypt and Israel from around 3,000 years ago which nonetheless is the same time frame the Kebra Negast also claims that Jews came to Ethiopia with Emperor Menelik the II creating the thing or group of people called Ethiopian Jews.

“By analysing the genetics of Ethiopia and several other regions we can see that there was gene flow into Ethiopia, probably from the Levant, around 3,000 years ago, and this fits perfectly with the story of the Queen of Sheba.”

Professor Chris Tyler-Smith

“The genetic evidence is in support of the legend of the Queen of Sheba.”

Luca Pagani

The research done by Cambridge University Professor and lead research sheds light to the fact of Ethiopian Jewry. The research data: Ethiopians from 10 regions of the country and two neighboring countries numbering at 200

OTHER RESEARCH: Another research shows the same concluding evidence done by the pervious paper which concluded the same fact that mounting evidence of the fact that Ethiopian Jews have ancient Jewish ancestry and that they are not only converts to Judaism.

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