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Navalny seen in protest

Russia labels Navalny a terrorist without actually committing any physical nor verbal violence treats

(Moscow) The Russian Government has labeled the main opposition force Navalny inside the terrorist lists. Usually, terrorist are people or groups of people illegal or legal that terrorize people on baseless reasons even allowed by law. Nazis at the time were legally allowed to terrorize the jews so the point of it being legal or not legal can be drawn and be not used by the Nazi argument due to the legal point not usurping the moral point which nonetheless all laws should have de-facto the government position. The Russian government hasn’t actually given crimes of how Navalny has terrorized people or commit treasonous crimes only that he was trained outside Russia.

The points with corruption in Russia are very true, he revealed the fact Putin owns a muti billion-dollar palace which he built secretly of hard Russian tax papers dollars with no real nation interest benefits but his own.

The U.S not without problems and really bad ones with also other countries way worse, way worse as China and somewhat Russia, has said it’s really disturbing for Russia to label Navalny a terrorist.

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