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Russia to sanction any country with gas supplies that don’t pay with Rouble

Gas is traded in dollars (U.S dollar’s) Venezuela tried to trade with Euro’s which is a European Union friendly economical plan if it did work for the EU but the U.S wanted dollars and only petrodollars to be used even not allowing a strong partner as the EU to trade with Euro’s with Venezuela, and Venezuela to trade with Euro’s for the whole world but the U.S sanctioned Venezuela to the point it’s people entered into Zoo’s to eat animals. Now Even if Pounds were traded by Russia western nations would not appreciate it except Britain but secretly from the U.S of course.

Now Putin has signed a decree making void of the contracts on April 1, 2022, if they do not pay in Rouble’s. Germany takes up to 40% of its energy from Russia. And many European Union’s countries to the double digits, if Russia is serious about sanctioning every country that doesn’t pay in Rouble’s and the EU and countries try to hold off paying with Russian currency then a crisis in Europe will be self-evident billions of dollars would be instantly lost, millions of households would be freezing, and the economy of industries and factories in Europe would be severely impacted. Thus, a cold war which actually fits its description the cold war would start again.

The Rouble has its value to the dollar rise back to normal in a couple weeks, and if indeed countries are forced to pay in Rouble, Russia’s currency might actually start to become more stronger before than the war with Ukraine even started to make it be.

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