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Russia uses veto against Ukraine, West completely hopeless as UNSC system creates havoc for the world.

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Russia as a permanent security council member has used VETO power to override an UNSC votes against itself. The United kingdom’s mission to the UN has said “Russia has again abused its veto to defend its illegal actions.” The VETO power has long been debated and now as the world is against one security council member, they can’t do anything. This system has been for decades urged to change but the unwavering support of all the members to keep veto, a member could abuse it, and it is well happening.

Image of Russian UN ambassador using VETO power

Here’s how the vote went

In favor: 10 Abstentions: 4 (China, Brazil, India, Gabon) Against: Russia (Veto)

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OTHER NEWS: Ukraine applies to get NATO membership; this could lead to a direct conflict if all members agree.

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