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Short Men are overall evil by high Narcissistic and Psychopathic behaviors than average height men

In a study from the previous month, December 2022, Shorter Men happen to be much more manipulative, narcissistic and psychopathic than average heighted men.

A team of Polish researchers found some fascinating findings regarding short men in a study of 367 men and women that was published in the Elsevier journal Personality and Individual Differences. “The Napoleon complex, revisited: Those high on the Dark Triad traits are dissatisfied with their height and are short,” is the title of the study. The 367 participants in this study included 63 percent men, and the researchers found that shorter individuals, particularly men, “may compensate for their shortness with antagonistic behaviors. “

“We conceptualized antagonism as individual differences in the Dark Triad traits (i.e., psychopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianism) and found they were associated with not only being shorter but also with the wish to be taller; these associations were similar in the sexes,”

Short men’s ability to “still compete in life’s great challenges” may be facilitated by “the behavioral syndromes of the dark triad traits,” according to the researchers, who believe this to be the case. In order for the short men to compete effectively with the tall men, they are given aggressive, even psychopathic traits.

“Appearing more powerful may in turn cause them to appear taller than they actually are.” “Shorter men with characteristics like psychopathy can use them to command respect, impose costs on others, and win over romantic interests. We suggest that psychological formidability may counteract losses in physical formidability by offering benefits in the survival and mating domains. “

 Monika Kozlowska

The conclusion of the study done by the Polish researchers concluded shorter men tend to try to make themselves more powerful than they are leading them to a more Narcissistic path to make that be. The research also concluded that they need to be ‘More’ manipulative to do appear as they fit on average.

More on the Study

Kozłowska, Monika A., et al. “The Napoleon Complex, Revisited: Those High on the Dark Triad Traits Are Dissatisfied with Their Height and Are Short.” Personality and Individual Differences, vol. 203, 2023, p. 111990.,

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