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Lalibela Church of St. George

Sources say TPLF terrorist forces recaptured Lalibela but what does the evidence say?

(Lalibela) reports by civilians living in the holy city of Lalibela have stated that TPLF forces which are a rebel force who are designated by law as a terrorist organization have recaptured Lalibela.

Last week, Lalibela residents told AFP that while the Tigrayan fighters had respected the holy sites during their time in the town between August and November they made life difficult for the people.

Rebels reportedly demanded food and mobile telephones. They also looted medical stores, AFP reported. A HRW report told that TPLF forces have executed civilians who have nothing to do with the army the terrorists were fighting. The Human Rights Watch report stated that over 40 civilians were murdered by the TPLF.

The terrorist organizations spokesperson Getachew Reda tweeted that his terrorist forces were “doing, very, very, very good.” This might refer to reports that Lalibela were retaken again by the TPLF. The reports are unverified but images recent days ago show foreigners who support the government going down to the city without having trouble with TPLF forces.

The Office of the Prime Minister and the Government Communications Service have stated that strategic towns as Dire Roqana & Sodoma. Arjo, Fokisa, Boren towns and cut through the main Woldia – Mekelle highway and the mountain chains of Zobel.

Dessie and the city of Kombolcha, the trade and industry corridor; East Front Bati, Kersa, Gerba and Dagan; On the Harbu Front, Kalu Woreda was liberated according to the GCS

The Government Communications Service is waited to have comments on the situation.

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