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South Korean gov refused to give weapons to the U.S fearing the weapons would end up for Ukraine

SEOUL – South Korean government has been keen in not sending any military aid directly or indirectly. This comes after leaked documents from the Pentagon show that the United States was denied from buying any Korean military weapons from Seoul. This was not a showcase against the U.S but rather Ukraine, as top South Korean military and politicians feared that the weapons would end up in the hands of the Ukrainian government fighting against Russia’s illegal invasion of the country.

South Korea is known for producing their own domestic weapons, including tanks, and locally built and produced air defense systems. IMAGE: K2 Black Panther shown.

“This is a clear violation of our sovereignty by the United States and a super-scale security breach on the South Korean part”

South Korean opposition party

Other Seoul officials in government were also very worried about how much intelligence the U.S has penetrated inside of South Korea.

Presidential Palace

A former advisor to the former government administration for South Korea has been heard stated

“Intelligence disaster”

Kim Jong-dae

He was rebuking the South Korean intelligence community on how easily the U.S was able to get classified Seoul details which Seoul officials and only few other should know.

None the less South Korea is not willing enough to help Ukraine against the Russian invasion of the country, which puts them in a tough spot to be in, making the Russians happy or the Western alliance which built their country against the communists in the Soviet era.

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