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Jet seen in Airspace

Taiwan endangered by China’s aggression

Taiwan is a country in south east Asia located in the pacific ocean. China has claimed legal rights over Taiwan even if it never had any police or law enforcement in the area to prove so. China doesn’t want a war with the small island nation its wants it subdue it by demoralization and propaganda through its state runned media as the Global Times, which always attacks the nation in support of the CCP, Chinese Communist Party a one state government which has beliefs in communisms. China has sent over 40 aircraft the Taiwan’s airspace but Taiwan will do nothing as much as watch unless war declared. U.S warned China over this while still saying Taiwan is not China but still following UN policies and laws which say Taiwan is not a nation. It is sad that the U.S says to smaller nations to follow international law but it doesn’t hypocrisy at one of its best. If the U.S doesn’t follow it most of the world countries would not. All countries have failed at some points wither Israel by rebelling or China by communism and disbelief all nations have a crack in their system. And must reform its justly.

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