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Tech: Servers from China being imported but could Ethiopia produce them domestically while being from an Ethiopian company

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Ethio Telecom for over a hundred years was the only Telecommuncation company in the country, but it was a government owned one. A new Kenyan company with the permission of the government has started to do business in Ethiopia, SafariCom a Kenyan company has announced that it will have servers in the country, but where are the servers built and by who?

SafariCom head in Ethiopia has said that the serves which will provide internet speed in the country will be made and imported from China, but not Ethiopia. So is the Ethiopia tech infrastructure so behind from the world and how could it be changed.

It comes under political laziness, but aside from that what could governments and companies do to stop it. Well 20.6 of the 110 million plus population in Ethiopia have internet access, the other 79 percent do not have internet access, and 78 percent of the population live in rural and not urban areas of the country, accounting to almost roughly that all rural residents do not have internet.

With dams being built in the country as the GERD Dam, and also others under way and near completion: electricity input into energy for gadgets which then are used to access the web for the rest of the population are inevitable. If Ethiopia could electrify by inputting growth by 500 percent which could be done by the GERD and other several dams being built, which could make the population have almost if not 100 percent users in the country connected to the World-Wide-Web. This could most likely 10-15 years of development. By the several internet companies from Ethiopian origin with non-government affiliation could enter the business.

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