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Tesla hits One Trillion dollar market Cap

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Tesla is one of 5 companies able to reach one trillion dollar market cap. Including with the likes of Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. Tesla is the only car producer and manufacturer on the list.

Time it took for companies to reach one trillion dollar market cap

Tesla Inc, has had hard times even once wanting to sell some parts of the company to apple at one time. But didn’t work out. Tesla Inc.’s stock price soared after Hertz a rental car company but a whapping 100,000 tesla car’s for over 4.2 billion dollars. The biggest Tesla order by a singular entity. Tesla reaches this trillion dollar cap after just 18 years while it took Apple four decades to do so according to data. The stock closed 12.66% higher after jumping from 900 to a 1,000 dollars trading price. The company is set to build a couple giga factories for trucks a report indicated. Tesla is a company that finds way to innovation on the car industry one of the most recent industries compared to Gold which price stays roughly the same for decades to centuries which is too stable investors will barley get any whatsoever profit from it even after decades after they pass away making it only a monetary back up for a currency not a real asset for quick money in 2-3 yeas getting triple and trip trip investment returns.

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