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Law enforcement and swat vehicles.

The Colleyville Texas Synagogue Crisis ends

COLLEYVILLE, Texas the crisis which lasted for 12 hours long yesterday on Saturday caused one person to get shot and killed by law enforcement after the individual made four people hostages including a Rabbi. The reason why the event occurred was disclosed after the gunmen asked to talk to his sister who is a convicted terrorist serving 86 years in prison in the state of Texas, after she was brought in from Afghanistan while the U.S was fighting its war on terror. He wanted to talk to his sister and the FBI said that the gunmen took the Synagogue hostage not due to antisemitism or against the Jewish community but to another reason (which most likely is taking advantage and wanting to talk to his imprisoned sister).

The Federal Bureau of Investigations Dallas Field Office SWAT Team and negotiators entered in the situation and took lead with the support of the ATF, Colleyville police department, and the Texas State Trooper which is inside the Texas Department of Public Safety.

FBI SWAT armed
Colleyville Police
Texas State Trooper


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