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The end of the golden age of China to Xi’s China as the former President of the country is escorted out Infront of all to see.

Hu Jintao China’s former President and the General Secretary of China has been escorted out of the 20th meeting of the Chinese Communist Party Congress which only occurs once 5 years. The meeting’s every aspect regarding who sits where, and such are extremely chosen, and the slightest of mistakes in such a meeting will risk the prestige of the communist party to the world. Therefore, a former head of state and leader of China Hu Jintao being escorted suddenly and at it appears additionally on video that the former president did not expect such a sudden event to occur and was hesitant to move from his seat.

Xi’s public image seen in China

To the most apparent is: Xi is even rivaling Moa Zedong, as the General Secretary, Xi got a historic 3 term as General Secretary of the communist party. It is apparent that Jintao was removed by the order of Xi Jinping himself, Xi showed little emotion, in-fact slightly towards a self-satisfaction toward the removal of the former President.

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