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The Ethiopian Diaspora Agency

The Ethiopian Community living aboard has donated 1.67 billion dollars to Ethiopia

The Ethiopia Communities mostly in Europe and North America have donated an incredible 1.67 billion dollars. The Ethiopian Diaspora Agency an Agency which connects Ethiopia to the rest of the Ethiopian Community reported a record of over 1 and a half billion dollars of foreign wealth entering the country to support displaced people. Some Americans inside the Ethiopian community even as much gave medical supplies for the country worth about 4.8 million dollars.

Medical supply shipped to Ethiopia by an American Dr

The European Union and the U.S have blocked aid for Ethiopia worth nearly a billion dollars: note Ethiopia from 1991 to 2018 has received 50 billion in aid and 20 billion dollars in loans. The 50 billion dollars of Aid could buy about 236,606 Lamborghini Huracan Evo. And the countries rulers could have used the aid to advance agricultural and the medical industry owned and made domestically and lessen food aid burdens over thousands of times, create a digital economy, chip manufacturing, automobile industry domestically by domestically owned companies, market with Stock Exchange and they had 27 years to do so but nearly 95 percent of that wealth if not higher stolen straight up by the evil dictators.

Ethiopia has had aid stolen over 40 billion. The GERD Dam was funded 100% by Ethiopians but the rulers of the country stole millions, and now foreign citizens are buying bonds from the supposed 100% domestically funded dam. Transparency to where the money goes is vital to understand where the money is exactly going to. It is not expected that a country that still has a constitution were ethnicity is what makes states. And a constitution which does not work but the brute force of the executive branches of the government only nonetheless transparency.

But yet the Ethiopia community donated 1.67 billion dollars which will help indeed lessen the burden of the domestic economy of the country but yet they must demand transparency and evidence of were the statistical output of the aid which the people offer must be seen.

The legal system of Ethiopia determines the Justice, Economy, Cultural, and Spiritual Rank and highness of this still uncivilized nation of lawless order.

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