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Tafessa on EBS with Seifu Fanta

The Ethiopian Harvard, MIT, and German Universities PhD professor and top U.S COVID-19 researcher who helped create Pfizer vaccine: says Ethiopia FDA rejected his vaccine because they didn’t knew what the product was. Meaning It’s standard was to high for them.

An Ethiopian American who is a Harvard, MIT, German University, PhD works in the first lab that cached and did research of COVID-19. And was mentioned by Dr. Fauci who advised White House policy on COVID-19. says “embarrassing that Ethiopia doesn’t have a research laboratory.” he said on Seifu on EBS show that there are smart Ethiopians for these researches but the Government lacks intent to give resources. He stated also that Ethiopia doesn’t need to receive technological medical technologies “from China, Europe or America but could also be from Ethiopia.”

Dr. Fauci open letter of advice to the White House COVID-19 response mentioning research evidence by Tafesse an Ethiopian American PhD Professor and Researcher at MIT, Harvard Universities

Professor Tafesse was an Ethiopian boy that was a Shephard that went to school 9km every day. Then got a degree in a German University, then went to the United States of America to get his PhD Degrees in the Harvard and the University of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He became a Professor after getting a PhD from an Ivy league University. He was one of the first people in the United States and World to research on COVID-19, he also reported every day to the NIH, CDC on his research progresses in Oregon University Health and Science’s laboratory. Because of this Pfizer BioNTech Vaccine was partially helped and built by Tafessa’s research on COVID-19.

Tafessa seen with a fellow Researcher at Oregon Health and Science University Laboratory

Tafesse then went to Ethiopia to get approved in producing a COVID-19 vaccine in Ethiopia, but the Ethiopian FDA said they didn’t knew the vaccines chemicals or materials that well to approve it. This shows that the MIT, Harvard PhD had such high standards that the so called Ethiopian FDA approvers weren’t able to fulfill their jobs. On EBS on televised on the Seifu Show he said that he is not “blaming anyone.” But this must change.

Dr. Bernadine Healy NIH Director in Addis Ababa with Dr. Tafesse at a meeting

The last words in his interview he said “If you put your mind on it, determine there’s no place you can’t reach.” We by the amount of help we get from God (Referring to Ethiopians) Like these people can be created (Smart and innovative Ethiopians). “Research centers, like these vaccine developments, things when facilitated this itself will make things bigger and bigger and it advances.” I am thankful because you gave me the chance (To be and talk on the Seifu Show on EBS), I am very happy.” The host of the Show Seifu Fanta said that Ethiopians like him should be more before Tafessa responds and the show ends.

This was made by a video from the Seifu Fanta Show on EBS, Interview. And translated from Amharic to English by LEK Reports Senior Editor.


Original Seifu Fanta Show Interview in Amharic

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