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The FSB Putin’s elite federal government agents protecting him from assassination

Russian president Valdimir Putin as not only a power leader but as the head executive of the Russian government needs 24/7 round the clock protection, so who protect the world leader?

The Federal Security Service referred to as the FSB is a federal agency within the federal government of Russia tasked with many missions one of them being protecting the Russian president. Over the years the FSB has made some improvements as one being upgrading the state car of Russia with full protection. The Russian state car is regarded to be second only to the U.S “Beast” car.

But the FSB with no Suprise would increase the security around Putin much more due to the fact of the Russia-Ukraine War and the rage which it will cause to millions around the world and even some thousands in Russia, and of course cause diplomatic clash, thus the FSB with its intelligence would most likely step up its already high protection which is only beaten by the United States Secret Service.

The FSB is expected in foreign trips in the future due to the mass attention of the war and the sanctions and tensions brough thereof: that it will increase its security protocols even to a further extreme, and trust within must be brought with hard to Imagin sacrifices for those new FSB members willing to protect the Russian president and future presidents.

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