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Kyle Rittenhouse seen at Court

The Rittenhouse trial

(U.S) Kyle Rittenhouse has been charged with 2 1st degree murders, and one attempted murder. At that time Rittenhouse was 17 years of age he was still a minor and teen he posed an AR rifle in which he can legally own in the state he was in. Rittenhouse trial has made Biden several months ago say he was a White supremist while he indicated no membership or association with any white supremacy ideology and groups. His mother has commented and said about Biden’s statement on a Fox News interview: Biden “Defamed Him.” If Kyle is convicted of all the alleged crimes he did he will be facing over a persons two life times or 170 years. These charges are attempted murder on one person who was hurt in the encounter, and two other people who died due to the gun fire by Kyle Rittenhouse.

Justice Schroeder at Rittenhouse trial

The prosecutor in the Rittenhouse case has not given enough evidence to give the Judge enough reasonable cause to sentence Kyle and thus the trial still continues on over a week since it began. Video footage showed one of the people that Kyle attacked had a shotgun pointed nearly at him while on the ground, Kyle was running nearly a block from the area but yet 3 people followed him and caused enough fear for Kyle and his life to physically use force to stop the possible life threatening situation caused by the people who pushed Kyle to use his rights to defended himself. Rittenhouse himself has pleaded as innocent to the court, and the judge seems to be siding with Rittenhouse. The Judge has made re marks against the prosecutor due to the prosecutor saying the Judge himself has a bias.

Rittenhouse has a solid case against the prosecutor, and the Judge seems to like the defense of Rittenhouse.


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