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Emperor Haile Selassie I of the Ethiopian Empire

The Story of Ethiopia’s fall, From the Derg to the TPLF to Abiy.

By Tameru

Tameru is the founder of The Low Ethiopian Reports which was launched on September the 17th 2021.

The Prime Minister has been pressured to negotiate with a homeland security registered level three tier level terrorist organization and the Ethiopian parliament. While the administration itself is corrupt and has ignored the deaths of tens of thousands of Ethiopians in other states other than Tigray. But when the government sins against TPLF members or attacks them with some Tigrans the U.S all the sudden attacks the Ethiopian Government.

History and the both sides sins

Emperor Haile Selassie the I, of the Ethiopian Empire was really the only true leader among the Nation of Ethiopia i as a writer cherish him because of no more that he did good. After the Derg a communistic demonic group which was a part of the Emperor’s own military back stabbed him. After they overthrew the Emperor in 1974 they tried to be a U.S ally after overthrowing Emperor Haile Selassie the I, whom President Franklin D. Roosevelt loved and President John F. Kennedy, President Lynden B. Johnson and President Nixon, you name it. And the foolish Derg thought the U.S would love soldiers overthrowing a government which the U.S loved for its own reason and plus which Ethiopians also loved. And after communism came the Derg also stole land now that’s communism, because after the U.S rejected them as it should they went to Russia, Russia has had strong ties with the Ethiopian Royal Family but of course their communists they have no problem stabbing someone’s back because no real moral set of beliefs with no God? After the Derg became a USSR ally they of course had to say there was no God even if they personally disagreed and even attended Church services in Ethiopian secretly, these High Military Junta Officials. But even before they became communists of Russia alike when they protested, they said “land for the farmers” because at that time farmers were paid less. They really believed land equally should be shared with landlords because they didn’t get paid well. They could’ve just set a minimum wage without overthrowing the Emperor because they had all the Guns. Anyways after they and the UUSR became buddies they stole land including my grandfathers land and thousands of others. After 17 years of rebels against this Junta from Somalia and from northern Ethiopia the Derg Fail. TPLF was made a new Government and here comes the story of the war in Tigray. In 1991 after they defeated the Derg who had ruled legally since 1987 by creating a constitution but militarily since 1974 were over throwed and still till this day the 3rd ruler of the Derg Mengistu Haile Mariam and former son called President of the Socialist Country of Ethiopia or Socialist people forcing guns on people if they don’t obey them, I think it should have been called the Socialist military junta that back stabs its own Commander in chief. After the TPLF came in power after being rebels in the northern state of Ethiopia Tigray they came and took Addis Ababa the Capitol of the Country. And expected change oh well it didn’t come over 30 billion dollars were stolen divided Ethiopia by ethnicity killed an Estimated 2-3 million people over 27 years since 1991 to 2018. After some opposing party members voted for Abiy to become Prime Minister he came into power then secretly strengthened the military made a peace deal with Eritrea a country which left and separated from Ethiopia After Derg fail. And won a Nobel peace prize but he’s no angel he helped the TPLF as a person who wired and rigged communications of TPLF opponents of political interest as INSA, Information Network And Security Agency, a government agency established by Abiy Ahmed backed by TPLF to secure the nations cyber security inside and from outside treats, and also sometimes out of their authority to listen to TPLF political opposition forces, and Abiy helped them. After Abiy secretly made sure the TPLF had no military power by buying and advancing technology for the current government he politically painted them as Satan of which they were just. Look at how many rich’s they stole (over 30 billion) and how many innocent people even babies they killed. Putting people that committed no crime other than disagreeing with their rode of iron rule and were put in jails which had no light till they became blind: even unto blindness. After the Prime Minister made sure he really overthrew them from any real military or political power or law enforcement he pained them as demons and Satan. While the Prime Minister came in power many Ethiopians in the western part of the country in Benishangul Gumuz State people were killed by other terrorists in the thousands they bodies were put and gotten rid of life the Jews under Nazi Germany. And the Prime Ministers government didn’t mention anything or showed any whatsoever remorse to the Victims. And the Prime Minister didn’t even once appear to show what a leader should have for his beloved citizens dying left and right. And after Ethiopian Special Forces easily to control they struck a deal with the terrorist even thou they had been well equipped to wipe them 1,000 times over. And had drone and satellite intel abilities from INSA from NISS, FP, and State Police. Then the war of Tigray happened then the TPLF attacked the northern federal military government base the Ethiopian Government took control of Tigray Capital in just weeks. Then the Ethiopian Government with other government’s help took Tigray over but Eritrean troops raped women which caused the Tigrayan people to support the TPLF and also of which the Ethiopian gov’t did commit atrocities. The Ethiopian Gov’t now has retaken towns from TPLF but nonetheless they have dominion over the Tigray region. It is better said that both sides have evil in them if you say Abiy is sent by God then could The Babylonian King was sent to punish Israel while he himself believing in not God and doing abominable works. The King sent to destroy Israel was he himself not good or righteous but evil but yet God did not like Israel even punished the evil with evil. So, this is true to Ethiopia Abiy the PM which hided himself from the massacre in the west side of Ethiopia which killed 200 people and his ENDF openly with smiles and an open arm signed a peace deal with but does not sign a deal with the TPLF which it calls a terrorist organization, yes, they are indeed terrorists but why double standards people who took 200 people’s lives is a peace deal unless its Weyane terrorists. The Ethiopian Gov’t could have destroyed the rebels that killed 200 people in the western side of Ethiopia easily or arrested them by Federal Police some special forces and NISS intelligence and drones but no a peace deal. Now the Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen went to visit Lalibela which was recently liberated from TPLF it is yet told that the TPLF left themselves to Tigray over power loss due to the lack of power to occupy regions and towns far from Tigray region their stronghold. While on his visit the Deputy Prime Minister and his friends and even top general beside him did not look to happy, they had almost lost the Turkish, Iranian, and Chinese drones are the ones which saved the TPLF from going to Addis Ababa, they were only 180km away from the city. The Gov’t had willfully allowed the TPLF to gain so much control but the same Gov’t new they couldn’t let this happen and they used the power of their air superiority and striked the terrorists with the might of Turkey, China and Iran in technological military warfare. It was too much to handle for the TPLF. Plus the Fana which is a Milita group in Amhara region were the main people who in the land arrested hundreds of TPLF members. It is funny to say that this Gov’t doesn’t even support the Fano which helps the Gov’t and the people of the country and only says that they’ve helped out when they know if they don’t huge criticism will follow. The war is still raging but the story is wrapped up by this Abiy fans Abiy is not an Angel of God and TPLF supporters TPLF is not an organization that loves Tigray they only love their power. The End.

The Before History

Ethiopia has had a long history of colonizing peoples from other tribes and nations from the time of the Axumite where Ethiopia defeated Yemen and the time of the Ethiopian Empire where the nation defeated Adal Sultanate of Somalia, and smaller less organized ethnic tribes. Ethiopia while expanding to the south had troubles with trialists and anti-nationalists, that is why Emperor Haile Selassie’s I uncle Emperor Menelik the II is hated by groups of tribelilists.

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