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The New York Stock Exchange in Wall Street

The Top 10% Wealthiest American’s own 89% of Wall Street Stock

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On a report: the top 10% Americans owned 89% of wall street making them own 43 trillion dollars a big bit of the 49 trillion dollar stock market value. Which is leaving 11% for 90% of Americans to own stocks. This is a record high which paint the reality that the ownership of U.S stocks equality drains to the pit over time, and still on going.

In inside the top 10% lies the Top 1% who made 6.5 trillion dollars over the Covid-19 pandemic, while the other 90% including the rest of the 9% of the top 10% made 1.2 trillion dollars only in the pandemic. Which also shows the inequality inside the top 10% of U.S wealthiest people. The Stock market in Wall Street was nearly up by 40% since January 2020, which was the main source of wealth creation and distribution in the finical system in America during the pandemic. Which also has a huge major factor of the amount and speed of change the top 10% and top 1% make and change their wealth assets than the rest 90% of Americans. The Top 1% wealth has increased by 32% according to the Federal Reserve System, also which includes Jeff Bezos who’s wealth grew over 80% and gained over another stack of 100 Billion into his net worth. Even more bigger Elon Musk who’s wealth grew by 545% from January 2020 to 2021. Which added him over 194 extra billion dollars. Elon Musk’s net worth in 2021 currently is over 220.9 billion dollars making him 21.2 billion dollars ahead of Jeff Bezos.

The online stock exchange broker Robinhood has added 10 million new users since 2 years. Nearly half an increase of its currently 22 million users. The average Robinhood account has at about $4,500 in assets of stock or crypto currencies in its portfolio. The younger generations of investors are beginning to arise who are from middle income and the balance of rich holding the overwhelming majority of tocks might change over time as more middle income teens start to invest in the Stock market.

The New time an age of rich growing their wealth’s and gapen their wealth from middle income may come to the end as all people start of invest.

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