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Beijing and Washington rip apart.

The U.S and China set their differences apart and the U.S frees China’s richest class elite for 2 Canadians freedom.

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U.S – China, Washington and Beijing reach an agreement that releases one of Chinas richest person from the U.S, and for China to release the two Michael’s. a video shows Huawei’s financial chief officer returning to china. Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor were on planes returning from China from Jail. They have been imprisoned for the past 1,000 days, almost as Meng was arrested and tried for at court. This shows how politically motivated the arrest of the two Michaels were. China didn’t let the U.S take away its own, and the U.S kneeled the Knee for China’s interest rather than their own law. It was really such a dumb idea that the U.S thought that China’s government will sit down as one of their elite citizens is tried for in American court if it was lawful it didn’t matter the only thing it mattered if the U.S took away one of China’s citizens (elite ones) and that’s all that mattered. The worlds 3rd strongest military, and the worlds richest country China that has the wealth and strength of over 1 and a half billion people slapped the U.S on it’s wrist after 3 years of diplomatic war or wolf warrior diplomacy. China’s now learned that if it’s interest’s are touched they will bit back as a wolf and as a warrior with diplomacy, a diplomacy of a wolf warrior.

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