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The White House strong Rebuke against Sen. Joe Manchin

Joe Manchin a democrat senator has over 5 and a half months thought off and today decided to vote against the Build Back Better Bill which initially wanted to spend 3.5 trillion dollars bit after his objections to 1.75 trillion dollars spending for over 10 years. But he still doesn’t want to fund a huge bill that overs twice of that of the United States military armed forces whole entire budget for a whole year’s time.

The Senator said that his tried everything to think of passing the Bill but couldn’t because he couldn’t explain this to West Virginians back to his home state.

Fox News interview with Sen. Joe Manchin short clip.

The White House said that the Senator’s announcement was not what he told Biden about. The White House also said that this was a betrayal to Biden and the Senators collogues. The White House also said that Sen. Manchin’s worries on inflation won’t hit the economy after noting the Penn Wharton Budget Institutes study less than 48 hours ago that the Build Back Better bill would not cause any inflation problems to the U.S economy.

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