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Trudeau is still hiding after 5 days

Prime Minister Justine Trudeau is still in hiding After five days due to protests demanding him stop vaccination mandates which forces truckers to get vaccinated: this had caused him to have internet outrage also, making a websites whole topic about Trudeau’s Wikipedia page.


Trudeau most likely is inside state in Ottawa and most likely in case of situations heavy and political as this the capital city has a high chance to have hiding places for high government officials. This can be seen in London, and Washington D.C which have in case situations for high level government officials to hide in.

Trudeau has been said to be panicking over the situation even though he appears on twitter having a normal time.


After a couple more days the Prime Minister was seen in the house of commons supporting forced vaccinations against the will of Canadians.

Justin Trudeau speaking today at the House of Commons
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