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Rep. Pelosi

Tucker Carlson (Fox News) claims Nacy Pelosi is a living version of Michael Jackson.

The muti nation known star for his record hitting album hits and the most famous singer in the world which only the likes of Freddie Mercury can rival, and match has been said to be still living, but that’s not what the most shocking part is: it is that out of all people Michael Jackson is hiding as Nancy Pelosi on Capitol Hill in the Congressional Building. This claim seems absurd, just as absurd as Queen Elizebeth II is a lizard or even somewhat worse claim in some senses.

This comes in from Fox Nation were Tucker Carlson aired on TV shows a clip from CBC Face The Nation Show were Nancy Pelosi appeared interviewed condemning the January 6th Capitol insurrection.

Tucker said that “This appeared to be a living version of the international pop-star that news reporters claim that died of a drug OD more than a dozen years ago. And yet despite those claims he was fully undeniably Michael Jackson talking on Television.” He later says that he doesn’t know how that could be possible but insists that it is indeed Michael Jackson inside the identity of whom we all know as the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi the head of the House majority democratic party leader.

But some people have noted this to be some kind of a joke that the host presented. The claims were too heavy for someone to believe Carlson took seriously to present on TV. It indeed appears as the TV host was going to the lines as trying to mock the Rep.

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