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U.S Navy get’s striked by COVID Outbreak while 100% fully vaccinated crew

The U.S Navy with accordance to Biden’s vaccine mandate on military personnel has over 98% fully vaccination rate and in some ships and other naval vessels has had a 100% fully vaccinated rate for navy personnel on duty on those vessels. But that hasn’t been able to stop the spread of COVID. Just Weeks ago, a cruise ship taking hold of passengers visiting the sea had a covid outbreak with a 98% fully vaccinated only kids less than 12 years of age who have a family of fully vaccinated people were not vaccinated. Many cruise ships are having these outbreaks even thou it wouldn’t stop the spread. This cruise ship outbreak made over 30 people infected with COVID-19. All unvaccinated kids less than 12 years old were tested within 72 hours getting in the Ship but the adults who were mandated and are fully vaccinated weren’t meaning the adults most likely went undetected in infecting other people with the virus. It is proven that even the vaccinated could spread the virus.

But a military ship COVID outbreak is unheard off and very new. The military are using COVID methods which do not work false assumption of being protected or at least not getting COVID just because you gut the Jab. Studies in the U.S and Israel and data from Demark: say otherwise.

The navy has responded to this news of the outbreak and said that they will investigate how the outbreak occurred.

One of the Navy ships in the outbreak is staying in the U.S and not overseas to isolate over the outbreak. One crew member in another navy ship in Japan died after testing positive for COVID for unknown reasons while being fully vaccinated.

Research is to be done and sources are to be not trusted a 100% some political bias might be done in some studies or some research the CDC or NIH conduct and independent research with better independence from Gov’t is more to be reliable at times.

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