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United Kingdom to send weapons to Ukrainian armed forces

The United Kingdom has said that they will send weapons to help Ukraine’s armed forces from the Russian invasion into the country eastward. By far the United States has been the key supplier of armed sales via Congressional buget to Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense. But the UK has also been one of the top suppliers with the U.S in NATO to help Ukrainian forces against Russian soldiers. The UK has already provided over a couple billion dollars’ worth of arms towards Ukraine and additional arms are expected via the UK MoD

A Russian military solider outside a power plant in Ukraine.

This comes after U.S Intel has said that Russia will not stop its invasion of the country and will keep trying to influence the politics and put puppet rulers of some sides of the country.

While the West is sanctioning Russia, countries like Iran have made a 40-billion-dollar oil deal with each other. Europe itself is backsliding from sanctioning Russia as the long-term effects are causing effects towards Europe’s economy.

UK arms supply second only to the United States.

Boris Johnson resignation speech

At the last of PMQ’s UK Prime minister Boris Johnson has said that the U.S needs to keep helping Ukraine in its war against Russia and he solidified his support to Ukraine at his last questions hearing at parliament.

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