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Who owns The website which attacks Trudeau

Prime Minister Trudeau has a page customized for him as a gift, a website which redirects to a page about Justin Trudeau on the English Wikipedia. Trudeau has caused absurd amounts of people protesting his vaccine mandate in Ottawa the Canadian capital of Her Majesty’s Government. This account or admin or in fact the owner of the website has donated 42,000 dollars’ worth of dollars to a GoFundMe page dedicated in reinstating Canadian freedom.

Liar dot com donating over 42 thousand for pro Canadian Trucker’s movement

It is clear who ever or a group of people who own Liar dot com (1) hate Trudeau or dislike his policies (2) Are rich, seeing data of its donations through GoFundMe and (3) pretty political.


But the GoFundMe and the redirection of the website is not good enough to know who owns or what group owns the website. So deep dive shows us that the Costumer ID is  PrivacyDotLink Customer 4570943, but we can look more into its data points that it is an individual who owns the website not a organization. And the email to which the website admin is The mailing address of the owner is  PO Box 30485 , Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, KY1-1202, KY, which is in Grand Cayman Island. This person non the less is unidentified for now. But information points that they are rich, and that they live or have some connection to Grand Cayman.

Where is Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman well it is southwest of Florida in the Mexican Gulf.

Exactly 10 locations show up where the person lives or has connections to.

Satellite imagery and data show that one of these 10 locations is associated with the person who owns

This is an investigation and will be updated each time discoveries are made.



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