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Mr. Sanger interviewed about Wikipedia's failure. Image credit: American Thought Leader | The Epoch Times Television

Wikipedia Co-founder Larry Sanger says “You can’t have a consensus among ideological enemies” referring to Wikipedia administrators.

Larry Sanger interviewed by American Thought Leaders via The Epoch Times. Photo Credit: American Thought Leaders via The Epoch Times Television

Larry Sanger the Co-founder of the internet giant Wikipedia has said that Wikipedia isn’t a neutral source anymore. He says “You can’t have a consensus among ideological enemies, one side is ultimately going to win unless there’ a really strong neutrality policy”. He is referring to corrupt Wikipedia administrators who block anyone who opposes their views, even if it is factual. Wikimedia commons is a branch of the Wikipedia company non profit organization which has administrators who delete photos for no reason they claim the photos are copyright violations while they aren’t they make up things which do not exist and the Co-founder is criticizing all their wicked polices. He further more states this “The enforcement of the neutrality policy essentially collapsed”. Larry Sanger even says that he regrets not doing some things while creating the site. Quote on quote: ” I regret not doing certain things when I was starting Wikipedia”.

Image The site of Wikipedia

Larry Sangers even says that he is creating another cite better and a more decentralized network, Which is “As a superset of all encyclopedias”. He further more says that he and the other Wikipedia founder were naive, and that the people need a more democratic revolution in tech. “I think we were naive, we need a democratic revolution”. He has criticized the way Wikipedia attacks certain ideologies while not others. He says that Wikipedia has fled away from its neutrality policy long ago.

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