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The Yamas seen left exercising, and Shireen Abu Akleh seen east of and adjacent of Jerusalem at the Mount of Olives

Who shot the West Bank Al Jazeera correspondent?

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Al Jazeera’s correspondent for the West bank and Israel: Shireen Abu Akleh was killed while in the West Bank while she was reporting on the IDF’s raid on the refugee camp, located in the West Bank. Another journalist is in “serious but stable condition” according to the Jerusalem Post. So, who shot the Journalists? and who led to the death of Akleh. This article will go in depth in that.

First, we have to understand how the Israeli Police work, Israel has many counter-terror units of which one is responsible under the Shen Bet (Israel Security Agency) to do secretive counter-terror raids. The agency is called the Yamas which is an Israeli police unit under the Border police which in itself is under the Israel Police. Who the Yamas do not answer to the border police which they are under, they are a unit which answers to the Israel Security Agency: the ISA has many agencies of which one agency protects high risk locations in Israel and high government officials as the Prime Minister of Israel, this unit under the Shen Bet (ISA) is called The Protective Security Department. The Shen bet has other departments but the Yamas is called the Arab department due to it’s connections with tasks and operations in the West Bank and Arab populated areas.

What do the Yamas do and who are they exactly

The Yamas are a group of a police force directly under the subordinate to Shin Bet (ISA). They have to pass an Arab language test first before they are allowed to enter the group. They are sent to the West bank, specifically a store which they must perfectly pass talking in Arabic without arising any suspicion to the customers and the people in the store. It is clear that the Yamas do undercover raids in the west bank but were they the ones if any that killed the journalist.

Sources have said that there was a raid and due to that raid, the journalist was killed. If any police forces caused the death of the journalist, it will have been without a doubt the Yamas.

This story will be updated.

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