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Ethiopian Military Drones from Turkey rattle Weyane terrorist forces

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September 19, 2021

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed went to Turkey to receive deadly drones from Turkey on August 18, 2021. Sources reported that Ethiopia got over 51 million dollars worth of weapons from Turkey on August alone. These are drones to be noted, not tanks, nor army or any other weapon but drones alone. The Minister of Defense of the Ethiopian Defense Forces and the Minister of the Turkish Defense Forces have signed a military pact agreement on the Prime Minister work visit on August 18.

Bayraktar-TB2 drone on runway in Turkey

A report was published which showed a list of the highest costumers of Turkish defense weapons on the month of August of 2021. The list shows the U.S at No. 1 and Ethiopia at No. 2 at the month of august. Buying 51.7 million dollars of weapons from Turkey.

List of the highest military costumers in August

Weyane rebels asked for no condition ceasefire after the Ethiopian government received drones from Turkey, showing how strategically the drones defeated the terrorists easily. The drone which can go up to 18,000 feet up is indictable to the terrorists 58 year old soviet BM-21 grad launchers which only have a range of 30km and has no modern radar on it. The terrorists can only attack if they see the target and the drones are far from being seen by the naked eye at 18.000 feet up on the top of the head of the terrorists.

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